The fact that Volvo can also be lifestyle, cool and hip was shown to the young, urban target group: the international graffiti artist René Turrek staged the new Volvo XC40 as an audiovisual piece of art in „Two Face“ sound graffiti design as part of urban pop culture through content videos on its social networks.
Through the media partner VICE, the content was additionally distributed through a targeted online campaign to the young, urban target group.
Additional event integrations and activations, targeted PR activities in online and print media and even a contribution to PRO 7 in the knowledge magazine Galileo made the campaign big on all channels:
17.6 million generated impressions, 3.3 million video views, 31% Increase in XC40 website visits and 25% Consideration Uplift in the post-modern target group, with just 175,000 euros budget spent on production and media.

Also interesting – an article in the VOLVO magazine about the project: